About Me

My name is Cammie. I'm a transgender hobbyist programmer and game designer who taught herself Java through learning how to make Minecraft mods.

If you're curious about the mods I've made, you can go to the Projects page to see most of them, but these are my favourites (in no particular order, of course):
  • Cammie's Combat Tweaks
  • Cammie's Minecart Tweaks
  • The Box Trot
  • Icarus
  • Arcanus
  • Firework Frenzy
  • Cammie's Wearable Backpacks
Aside from making mods, I mentioned that I'm also a hobbyist game designer. I'm currently working on designing two VR games.

The first one is more or less an introductory crash course to making VR games. I've messed with creating VR demos before, but never a full game. With this, I wanted to make an arena game, of sorts, with the goal to completely remove controllers from the player, and instead use the player themselves as the controller.

The other game concept is meant to be a complete, story-driven RPG set in a fantasy world, as I feel there aren't enough games in fantastical settings being made. A bit of a jump in complexity from the first game, but assuming the first one does well enough, the revenue earned from it would go straight into the development of this game.